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The Annual Fall Members Show

Online and In-Gallery: September 4 – 25, 2020

The St. Augustine Art Association presents the Annual Fall Members Show! This bi-annual exhibit of STAAA members features a variety of works by emerging, seasoned and professional artists.

ART SALES: Buy art online or in person at the STAAA gallery! Art sales benefit the artists, programs of the St. Augustine Art Association, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, and they bring joy to the buyer! To purchase a piece of art online, either click the “BUY NOW” button below the price and pay through PayPal (you do not need a PayPal account, there is an option to “pay with credit card”) or click the “ADD TO CART” button if you’d like to purchase more than one work. You can click the “VIEW CART” button to look over what pieces you’ve added to your cart and to checkout. Artwork purchased online may either be picked up at the St. Augustine Art Association (22 Marine Street) or shipped to the buyer (ALL SHIPPING COSTS TO BE PAID BY THE BUYER). Please contact STAAA to arrange: info@staaa.org or (904) 824-2310 (Mon-Fri).


Artwork and images are subject to copyright. Reproductions for any use are not allowed.





'The Beach Club', oil on linen by Marilyn Antram ($850) ⏤ 'This was done Plein Air at the Cabana Bech Club in the morning. I wanted to capture the ambiance and light of this corner with its beautiful banana and palm trees.'
“The Beach Club”
oil on linen panel (18 x 21)
by Marilyn Antram

$850 – SOLD



'Foggy Forest', oil by Barre Barrett ($800) ⏤ 'Forests, Marshes, natural scenery is one of several themes that I explore. Other themes involve wading birds like egrets and Herons, some are completely abstract. I am comfortable with painting in oil, acrylic, watercolor and pastel. This Foggy Forest came about as a result of being out during a foggy day and thinking about what it would look like in a painting. I explored it first on a small scale before deciding the scale would also be important. I decided on oil since recently I have been working in oila nd I believed I could best capture the mystical quality of a foggy day in that medium.'
“Foggy Forest”
oil (30 x 40)
by Barre Barrett




'The Rainy Day', acrylic by Pamela Bell ($200) ⏤ 'The spring rain kisses you while making still and running pools on the street in St. Augustine, Florida.'
“The Rainy Day”
acrylic (23 x 29)
by Pamela Bell




'Country Cottage', acrylic by Pat Belmont ($96)
“Country Cottage”
acrylic (14 x 14)
by Pat Belmont




'Ravine Garden in Spring', oil on canvas by Tess Blum ($225)
“Ravine Garden in Spring”
oil on canvas (16 x 20)
by Tess Blum




'Dark Secrets', exotic wood by Robert Blum ($485) ⏤ 'The table is crafted from African tropical exotic woods. The Bookmatched Wenge top evokes the surface of a dark jungle river and the secrets that lie beneath.'
“Dark Secrets”
exotic wood (23 x 14)
by Robert Blum




'Florida Flamingo', photography by Terry Bottom ($195) ⏤ 'Photographed at a park in St. Petersburg, FL.'
“Florida Flamingo”
photography (27.25 x 21.25)
by Terry Bottom




'A Gust of Wind', acrylic by Ray Brilli ($1,700) ⏤ 'A breezy day at the Lighthouse boat landing, while puff clouds drift slowly by.'
“A Gust of Wind”
acrylic (26 x 21.5)
by Ray Brilli




'A Lovely Afternoon', oil painting by Marguerita Z. Brinton (NFS)
“A Lovely Afternoon”
oil painting (24 x 34)
by Marguerita Z. Brinton




'Pair of Cedar Waxwings', Photography by Linda Burek ($140) ⏤ 'I love taking pictures of wildlife and saw these beautiful cedar waxwings while walking in St. Augustine. I took many pictures trying to get the right angle and a clean background and liked this one the best.'
“Pair of Cedar Waxwings”
photography (29 x 23)
by Linda Burek




'Beautiful Esther', encaustic by Deanne Bushell ($450) ⏤ 'Created with encaustic medium (beeswax and dammar) and powdered pigments.'



“Beautiful Esther”
encaustic (19 x 19)
by Deanne Bushell





'Highlands Park', palladium / gold photographic print by Byron Capo ($425) ⏤ 'This image was captured using an Infrared Camera and printed by hand using Lithium, Palladium and Gold sensitizer that was hand coated to the paper and then exposed by the sun. Image was printed in March of 2020.'
“Highlands Park”
palladium / gold photographic print (20 x 16)
by Byron Capo




'Harris Flight', watercolor pen & ink by Walter Cartategui ($5,500)'
“Harris Flight”
watercolor pen & ink (28.2 x 40)
by Walter Cartategui




'The Enthusiast of Small Things', acrylic & gesso on canvas by Betty Carvajal (NFS) ⏤ 'In the scope of it all, we worry about insignificances and forget the clock is ticking. Until we realize we can just watch the watcher and know they are all small things: Become the Enthusiast of Small Things.'
“The Enthusiast of Small Things”
acrylic & gesso on canvas (12.5 x 14.5)
by Betty Carvajal




'Man's Best Friend', oil by Bronwen Chandler (24 x 24) ⏤ 'This piece is about the connection between a man and a dog as they walk a trail n a remote and winding mountain road. While the distant trees are shrouded in a light mist, the sun sparks through and catches both the dog and the sides of the road in its brilliance. Painted in oil on canvas.'
“Man’s Best Friend”
oil (24 x 24)
by Bronwen Chandler




'Summer Sunset', pastel by Kathy Clark ($200) ⏤ 'I borrowed a beautiful photo from an artist friend Violette Naranjo Clark in British Columbia.'
“Summer Sunset”
pastel (18 x 15)
by Kathy Clark




'Reminiscing Daydreams', acrylic by Rosanne Colvard ($400) ⏤ 'Reminiscing Daydreams depicts various thoughts and phenomena that I have experienced. Colors, lines and textures represent the continuous fluid changes in my life and the ones to come. Daydreams are creative and dear to me as reminiscing is pertinent to life.'
“Reminiscing Daydreams”
acrylic (24 x 36)
by Rosanne Colvard




'Intentions', oil by Jessie Cook ($600) ⏤ 'Reading, painting, exercise, painting, meditation, painting -- all intentions for these times, and for any times.'
oil (24 x 14)
by Jessie Cook




'Love in the Time of Cholera', digital art by Mona Costa-Mauri ($700) ⏤ 'I just finished reading the book and so many images came to me in my imagination. The image of the woman was on my computer along with many other images that I have saved over the years. Working with 500 layers, blend modes, and color lookup... I came up with this image.'
“Love in the Time of Cholera”
digital art (24 x 24)
by Mona Costa-Mauri




'Gardens at UPenn', acrylic by Jeff Creamer ($400) ⏤ 'While visiting Philadelphia with friends, we toured University of Pennsylvania. We walked through the garden area. I took photos of various scenes. I fell in love with this pond area and the foliage surrounding it. I decided to memorialize it in a painting.'
“Gardens at UPenn”
acrylic (24 x 20)
by Jeff Creamer




'Lovely Lilies', watercolor by Shirley De Pasquale ($345)
“Lovely Lilies”
watercolor (24 x 30)
by Shirley De Pasquale




'Raptor Arrive', paper sculpture by Pauline Dickson ($900)
“Raptor Arrive”
paper sculpture
by Pauline Dickson




'Pelican Bay', oil by Phyllis Dickson ($345)
“Pelican Bay”
by Phyllis Dickson




'The Castration of Uranus', acrylic by Dilule ($3,500)
“The Castration of Venus”
by Dilulue




'Lockdown', multi-media by Jerome Domask ($2,000) ⏤ 'The art work speaks for its self!'
multi-media (30 x 40)
by Jerome Domask




'Libson Neighbor', watercolor by LuAnn Dunkinson ($400) ⏤ 'On a recent stay in the ancient Alfama neighborhood of Lisbon, I would regularly see our neighbor across the street hanging out her laundry. The colors of her washing always caught my eye, especially against the sun drenched masonry of her building. I knew I would have to try to capture those textures in watercolor.'
“Libson Neighbor”
watercolor (18 x 18)
by LuAnn Dunkinson




'Yellowstone River Lower Falls', oil by Randon T. Eddy ($950)
“Yellowstone River Lower Falls”
oil (23 x 36)
by Randon T. Eddy




'Sunset Grill', watercolor by Roseann Egidio ($650) ⏤ 'Roseann Egidio is a native of New Jersey, and has lived in Jacksonville for the past decade. Her previous career was an art director in New York City. She has been working in watercolors for years. As a member of the Jacksonville Watercolor Society, Roseann has won many awards. Roseann is currently in the Artist in Residence for the Arts in Medicine Program at U F Health (Shands) Hospital in Jacksonville. Previously Roseann was the Art Teacher for grades K-12 at Mainspring Academy, a school for students with autism and special needs. She also teaches watercolor through community education at Fletcher High School. Roseann has also demonstrated at the Cummer Museum in Jacksonville, and has been a recipient of the Jacksonville Community Foundation Grant for Individual Artists. Her work has appeared on the cover of New Smyrna Magazine. She is a member of the Jacksonville Watercolor Society, and the St. Augustine Art Association and Jacksonville Coalition for the Visual Arts.'
“Sunset Grill”
watercolor (21 x 26)
by Roseann Egidio




'A Peaceful Place', acrylic by RoAnn Elias ($870)
“A Peaceful Place”
by RoAnn Elias




'Bridge of Lions', acrylic on canvas by Robert Estep ($1,800)'
“Bridge of Lions”
acrylic on canvas (36 x 30)
by Robert Estep




'Solitude', oil by Susan Farrar ($295)'
oil (23 x 19)
by Susan Farrar




'St. George Street', oil on linen by Nancy Fazio ($800)
“St. George Street”
oil on linen (24.5 x 28.5)
by Nancy Fazio




'Afternoon Stroll', oil by Martha Ferguson ($1,100) ⏤ 'I love Charlotte Street and paint on location there often. I was inspired by the pink and green house and the way the late afternoon light came down the street. I was lucky to capture the horse and buggy as it strolled down the street just at the right time. I did a quick drawing and completed the painting in the studio.'
“Afternoon Stroll”
oil (16 x 20)
by Martha Ferguson




'Street Saint, St. Augustine', photography by Lenny Foster ($1,075)
“Street Saint, St. Augustine”
photography (22 x 25)
by Lenny Foster




'Harmony - Have you found your AMAZING?', mixed media by Judith Fox-Goldstein ($375) ⏤ 'My work captures the essence of 'Powerful Women of Diversity!' Meet: 'HARMONY… Have you found your AMAZING?' During this time of isolation and change, we've all had to rediscover our special talents, quirky blessings, long-lost friendships, new interests and incredible and innovative ways of communicating. 'HARMONY' discovered that she was bored with being NORMAL... she was on her way to finding AMAZING! All of the women characters I create speak to me in their own way. Harmony's preference was for dynamic colors, unique clothing, great hair, surprising features and flowers, flowers, and more flowers! I listened and I created her in HER vision and my vision! She's generous of spirit and comes with positive attitude, creativity and a demand for collaboration! What a gift my art has been to me... I, too, am finding my AMAZING! Harmony also chose her framing to match the colors in her hair!'
“Harmony – Have you found your AMAZING?”
mixed media (18 x 24)
by Judith Fox-Goldstein




'Foggy', oil by Victoria Gad (NFS)
oil (8 x 10)
by Victoria Gad




'Inner View Outer World', acrylic/pencil by Carrie Gardiner (NFS) ⏤ 'This is my response to a specific time at a single place but ever changing world out my back door.'
“Inner View Outer World”
acrylic/pencil (7 x 5)
by Carrie Gardiner




'Koi Pond 2020', acrylic by Gary Garrett ($425) ⏤ 'This is a 20 x 20 x 1.5 deep gallery wrapped canvas allowing the acrylic painting to continue over the sides. I painted it so that could be hung with any side to the top, or even as a diamond. Thank you for looking and please check out my facebook page to see more of my work.'
“Koi Pond 2020”
acrylic (20 x 20)
by Gary Garrett




'The Edge', watercolor by Martin Gould ($375)'
“The Edge”
by Martin Gould




'Kindergarten Jitters', watercolor by Geri Groenert ($375) ⏤ 'Watercolor on 140lb paper. Image was taken on my granddaughters first day of kindergarten.'
“Kindergarten Jitters”
watercolor (16 x 20)
by Geri Groenert




'39 Olds', colored pencil by John Guiseppi) ⏤ 'To create, produce and share art that allows others a glimpse into that secret world of color and detail that I see.'
“39 Olds”
colored pencil (22 x 18)
by John Guiseppi




'A Portrait of Boston Fern', watercolor by Xi Guo ($6,500)



“A Portrait of Boston Fern”
watercolor (30 x 20)
by Xi Guo





'Veritas, the Roman Goddess of Truth, daughter of Saturn and the Mother of Virtue', oil on canvas by Bea Gustafson ($1,450) ⏤ 'I am a Wildlife Artist and Animal Advocate. I paint to give the voiceless a voice and donate the sales to help the ones rescued.'
“Veritas, the Roman Goddess of Truth, daughter of Saturn and the Mother of Virtue”
oil on canvas (24 x 30)
by Bea Gustafson




'Outside Inside', acrylic, charcoal & pastel by Nancy Hamlin-Vogler ($725) ⏤ 'I approach art making through observation and intuition, taking inspiration from my backyard studio, fortuitous discoveries, and worldwide backpacking travels. Working on archival rag paper, my favorite materials include drawing implements, acrylic and oil paints, pastels, and silkscreened and rice paper elements.



“Outside Inside”
mixed media (31 x 23)
by Nancy Hamlin-Vogler





'Dancing in the Wind', acrylic on canvas by Stacy Handley ($375) ⏤ 'The inspiration for this painting came from a visit to Jekyll Island's famous Driftwood Beach. While walking the beach on a lonely, gray day, there was a child's kite with its string tangled in the top of the tree. The kite, contrasting against the perceived graveyard of skeleton trees below, was happily dancing in the wind without a care in the world, as if to remind us that there is life amidst the gloom.'
“Dancing in the Wind”
acrylic on canvas (24 x 48)
by Stacy Handley

$375 – SOLD



'Passages V', oil on panel by Ted Head ($1,800) ⏤ 'A peaceful walk through the Florida woods. Featuring textured foliage and trees.'
“Passages V”
oil on linen panel (36 x 24)
by Ted Head




'A Serene Walk', oil by Laura Hizer ($310) ⏤ 'Join me as we walk down this peaceful path.'
“A Serene Walk”
oil (24 x 18)
by Laura Hizer




'Rolling on the River', oil by Deborah Holtzscheiter ($1,500) ⏤ 'After kayaking down the Santa Fe River, this group tubing down the river came into view. The reflections on the water really caught my eye as they went Rolling Down the River.'
“Rolling on the River”
oil (48 x 12)
by Deborah Holtzscheiter




'The Bouquet', mixed media by Gail Husveth ($150) ⏤ 'This artwork was started spontaneously with my love of butterflies and flowers. I chose to use paper I had made for the vase and a piece of wallpaper for the table. I then used cut-out painted flowers and then painted the big orange flowers and the others from flowers in my garden. When I do collage, I find choosing the colors first, then moving the paper around the substrata helps me to determine the path to take.'
“The Bouquet”
mixed media (15 x 18)
by Gail Husveth




'Amsterdam 1', fused glass by Anna Hyland ($825) ⏤ 'Amsterdam Architecture Buildings are captured in fused glass. The thinnest house in Amsterdam even made it in this unique piece! Based on my visit and photos. Enjoy this amazing unique fused glass artistry!'
“Amsterdam 1”
fused glass (16.5 x 18)
by Anna Hyland




'Running Free', colored pencil by Hanneke Jevons ($400)
“Running Free”
colored pencil
by Hanneke Jevons




'Pixie Dust', oil on canvas with gold leaf by Sloane Keats ($3,000)
“Pixie Dust”
oil on canvas with gold leaf (36 x 48)
by Sloane Keats




'Out of the Blue II', mixed media by Kathe Kokolias ($150)
“Out of the Blue II”
mixed media
by Kathe Kokolias




'Untitled', acrylic by Lori Kurtz-Larkin ($225) ⏤ 'This painting is inspired by nature, my favorite muse. I have fun with color, movement, and acrylic paint in an intuitive, abstract expressionist style. My work is 'Untitled' as every viewer gets to decide what they see. What do you see?'
acrylic (21 x 17)
by Lori Kurtz-Larkin




'By the Stream', oil by Mary Florence Lee ($275) ⏤ 'This spot near a bridge over the River Avonmore at Glendalough, Ireland, provided a peaceful spot to sit and simply enjoy the view. While I didn't paint it at the time, I did take photos and later did this one in studio.'
“By the Stream”
oil (14 x 12)
by Mary Florence Lee




'Baymeadows / The Kiss', acrylic on canvas by Karen Leibowitz ($400) ⏤ 'Art is line and design that captures the flow and experience of Nature. Art is the interaction between the viewer and the subject.'
“Baymeadows / The Kiss”
acrylic on canvas (25.5 x 20.5)
by Karen Leibowitz




'Florida Swamp / 3 Graces', acrylic on canvas by Steve Leibowitz ($499) ⏤ 'Since Covid-19 lockdowns introduced negatives, I decided to paint
“Florida Swamp / 3 Graces”
acrylic on canvas (25.5 x 20.5)
by Steve Leibowitz




'Soothing Surroundings', acrylic and modeling compound by Deborah Lightfield ($600) ⏤ 'Art reflects my surroundings, beliefs and experiences. Surrounding myself with people, nature, music and energy is important to me. My art interprets these subjects with unique perspectives, while using expressive colors, visual textures and joyful compositions. My desire for adventure and travel around the world has inspired my artistic aspirations. Music is a visual experience for me. I encourage people to view my work with song in mind to sense and feel the music within. My desire is to envelop people and positivity while visually expressing various layers and perspectives. I want to make a statement about the world with my work, seeing similarities , embracing differences and visually making harmonious music. If you are going to make a statement, why whisper?'
“Soothing Surroundings”
acrylic and modeling compound (25.5 x 31.5)
by Deborah Lightfield




'Venus with Flamingo', oil on canvas by Olga Mak ($1,850) ⏤ 'I'm inspired by nature of Florida, its endless horizons, ocean waves, beautiful and grand clouds, as well as plants and animals. In every painting I depict female beauty alongside the animal world to celebrate our human diversity as well as fragility and our dependence on natural resources. 13% of profit will be donated to support Florida wildlife.'
“Venus with Flamingo”
oil on canvas (24 x 36)
by Olga Mak




'Entwined', mixed media by Sandra Maler ($2,300)
mixed media (18 x 60)
by Sandra Maler




'Exuberance Eruption', textile by An Marshall ($895) ⏤ 'Machine felting, hand appliqué, hand painted fabric, hand dyed chiffon, embellishment, gold leafing, beading, and pearl cotton all used to convey joy ignited and the vibrancy of exuberance.'



“Exuberance Eruption”
textile (15 x 23.5)
by An Marshall





'Wandering the Cape', pastel by Catherine Massey ($400)
“Wandering the Cape”
by Catherine Massey




'Ready to Sail', oil by Alison McCauley ($800)
“Ready to Sail”
by Alison McCauley




'Apple-cherryade', oil by Betty McKee ($750)
oil (16 x 20)
by Betty McKee




'Ashurbanipal's Library', clay and jute twine by Kenneth McMillan ($500) ⏤ 'The premise is that here is a group of scrolls from an ancient library recently uncovered during an Archaeological dig.'



“Ashurbanipal’s Library”
clay and jute twine (18 x 3)
by Kenneth McMillan





'Century Rain 4', oil on gallery wrapped canvas by John Merwin ($400) ⏤ 'This painting is part of my Century Rain series, a collection of abstract minimalist paintings that focus on repeated freehand brush strokes (no guidelines or stencils). Each stroke is unique and hopefully contributes to the painting as a whole.'
“Century Rain 4”
oil on gallery wrapped canvas (33 x 46)
by John Merwin




'Justin', oil on canvas by Lindsay Merwin ($300)



oil on canvas (24 x 18)
by Lindsay Merwin





'Blue Umbrella Man', acrylic by Sharon Moon ($375) ⏤ 'The Blue Umbrella Man is an acrylic painting on canvas, matted and framed. Also, one of my favorite pieces, inspired by Peter Max.'
“Blue Umbrella Man”
acrylic (22.5 x 32)
by Sharon Moon

$375 – SOLD



'The Golden Hour', acrylic by Abby Howard Murphy ($675) ⏤ 'Late in the afternoon, the landscape is set a fire in tones of gold and rose as the suns heads to the horizon. This is my favorite light when the shadows are long and the colors of sky and earth deepend without the glare of midday. Our tall Florida pine stands are most dramatic at this hour silhouetted against the ocean sky as it sifts through.'
“The Golden Hour”
acrylic (40 x 30)
by Abby Howard Murphy




'Wandering Wood Stork', acrylic on canvas by Sharon Nelson-Bianco ($1,200) ⏤ 'Contemporary large scale textured acrylic wildlife painting combining traditional and impressionistic tyles with touches of light catching pearl paint. Enjoying nature and painting wildlife scenes in oil and acrylic and sharing my love for this experience is special to me. I often see this wood stork by a nearby lake using his beak to comb the water to find a fish. Love those long legs wonderfully adapted to wading through shallow water.'
“Wandering Wood Stork”
acrylic on canvas (36 x 36)
by Sharon Nelson-Bianco




'Hidden Figure', media cabinet by Jerry & Nancy Noloboff ($1,800) ⏤ 'We found this very rare Birdseye Red Bay lumber and combined it with Walnut and some beautiful figured Sycamore. Touch latch drawer in this media cabinet. (There actually is a hidden figure.)



“Hidden Figure”
media cabinet (32.25 x 28 x 20)
by Jerry and Nancy Noloboff





'A Gift of Wings', acrylic by Michelle Palmucci ($259)
“A Gift of Wings”
acrylic (36 x 24)
by Michelle Palmucci

$259 – SOLD



'Street Sign', acrylic by Marcia Pappas ($300)
“Street Sign”
acrylic (18 x 24)
by Marcia Pappas




'Rudder Ralph', bronze by Pokey Park ($3,900)
“Rudder Ralph”
bronze (9 x 10.5)
by Pokey Park




'Graceful Patience', acrylic by Diana Patterson ($350) ⏤ 'Blessed to be a lifetime resident of St. Augustine and have always loved the water. Our backyard hosts a two-acre lake that teems with wildlife and water birds of all types - an inspiring and inviting backdrop.'
“Graceful Patience”
acrylic (19 x 23)
by Diana Patterson




'Egret, Reflecting', gauche by Glenn Perry ($475) ⏤ 'Largely painted on the spot in three sessions, my preliminary drawing before me on an easel as well. I had planned to flip the drawing and paint the mirror image but changed my mind. The spot is Lake Constellation in Fleet Landing where my neighbors have met to paint.'
“Egret, Reflecting”
gauche (23 x 19)
by Glenn Perry




'Snowy Day', oil on canvas by Alan Phillips ($1,500) ⏤ 'This Snowy Egret was focused on summoning some breakfast one morning along the Intra-Coastal. I was digging the transparent water and the reflection together with concentric circles along with the white/green/blue/sienna/ochre colors - nature simply amazes!'



“Snowy Day”
oil on canvas (20 x 20)
by Alan Phillips





'Molly on the Green', pastel by Cynthia Pierson (NFS)
“Molly on the Green”
pastel (23 x 26)
by Cynthia Pierson




'Green Wind', acrylic on canvas by Paola Pileri-Hernandez ($190)
“Green Wind”
acrylic on canvas (32 x 38)
by Paola Pileri-Hernandez




'Blue Grotto', pastel by Jackie Piontek ($350)
“Blue Grotto”
by Jackie Piontek




'The Cliffs of Big Talbot', oil by Randy Pitts ($700) ⏤ 'This was painted on the beach at Big Talbot Island looking toward the South. What interested me in this scene was the back lighting, the subtle color and grays created by it, and the interesting silhouette shape created by the cliff and trees.'
“The Cliffs of Big Talbot”
oil (18 x 18)
by Randy Pitts




'Hot Stuff', mixed media by Valarie Pothier-Forrester ($575) ⏤ 'This difficult period in our history has provided an opportunity for deep introspection and innovation. Digging deep into my creative process, I have been discovering the magic of interacting layers of intense transparent colors. Using alcohol inks combined with metallics, Hot Stuff suggests an otherworldly life-form, presented for you on deep cradled canvas.



“Hot Stuff”
mixed media (20 x 20)
by Valarie Pothier-Forrester





'Clary's Diner', acrylic by Eric Rakov ($350) ⏤ 'Acrylic piece inspired by our favorite hangover-recovery spot in Savannah, GA.'
“Clary’s Diner”
acrylic (10 x 8)
by Eric Rakov




'Ichtucknee Float', acrylic by Nikki Rakov ($950) ⏤ 'Exploring Ichtucknee Springs in the summer is in North Florida tradition. 'Ichtucknee Float' is acrylic on canvas, 6 x 36 and shows the energy and colors of the experience of the cold water float on a sultry summer day.'
“Ichtucknee Float”
acrylic (36 x 36)
by Nikki Rakov




'Sam the Pelican', acrylic by Linda Rafuse ($300) ⏤ 'Pelican flying close to the water.'
“Sam the Pelican”
acrylic (24 x 18)
by Linda Rafuse




'Harboring the Rainbow', oil by Antwan Ramar ($1,400) ⏤ 'I tell my stories with the ephemeral moods of the light. My goal is to excite my viewers through an atmosphere mood, and authenticity that evokes emotion and connection. I am always looking for the subtle poetry of each subject, trying to paint
“Harboring the Rainbow”
oil (24 x 12)
by Antwan Ramar




'Into the Garden', watercolor by Una I.C. Reed ($145)
“Into the Garden”
watercolor (17.5 x 21)
by Una I.C. Reed




'Clearing in the Woods', oil on canvas panel by Neil Robar ($225)
“Sand Hill Cranes”
by Neil Robar




'Clearing in the Woods', oil on canvas panel by Mary Ann Rosenthal ($380) ⏤ 'This painting was done over two 'plein air' painting visits to a wooded area just south of Captain's Barbecue on the Matanzas River, south of Mainland. It is a favorite of both the Anastasia Plein Air and the Flagler Plein Air painting groups. The two groups often meet up there for a winter or spring paint out. The light in the woods at this time in the morning is beautiful.'
“Clearing in the Woods”
oil on canvas panel (13 x 16)
by Mary Ann Rosenthal




'Refuge', clay/pottery by Gail Sammond ($145) ⏤ 'A place of peace and tranquility in a world of uncertainty.'
clay/pottery (10 x 7)
by Gail Sammond




'Rowboat on the Beach', oil by Christine Savage ($650) ⏤ 'While walking along the Matanzas River I saw this rowboat sitting on a hidden beach. The combination of the loneliness of the boat and the evening light impressed me. To capture the feeling of solitude I chose a long narrow canvas.'
“Rowboat on the Beach”
oil (40 x 16)
by Christine Savage




'Beyond the Walls', mixed media by Darlene Scheyer ($250) ⏤ ''Beyond the Walls' is a mixed media abstract. It is not always easy to look beyond the walls and see the distance clearly.'
“Beyond the Walls”
mixed media (17 x 21)
by Darlene Scheyer

$250 – SOLD



'Hanging Out in Cádiz', oil by Ellen Schnell ($250) ⏤ 'We visited Cádiz, Spain and I loved how all of the boats were just hanging out in the water. There were many more boats, but I wanted to capture just a few with the seagulls hanging out too.'
“Hanging Out in Cádiz”
oil (19 x 16)
by Ellen Schnell

$250 – SOLD



'Break These Chains', clay, mixed media by Sheryl Sherwood ($195) ⏤ ''Break these Chains' is inspired by Psalm 23 in which it is stated
“Break These Chains”
clay, mixed media (4 x 10)
by Sheryl Sherwood




'Leather and Lace', photography by Karen Sirnick
“Leather and Lace”
photography (26 x 20)
by Karen Sirnick




'River's Edge', oil on canvas by Leigh Slayden ($500) ⏤ 'Bring home the deep heart of the real Florida: Cypress trees drinking crystal waters as a Great Blue Heron tiptoes through a thousand shades of green. Like the impressionists of the 19th century, I love to share my process and vision with you by using distinctive brushstrokes, mixing colors on the brush or on the canvas so that your eyes do the blending. Photos of the painting in progress can also be viewed on my Instagram, Leigh_slayden.'
“River’s Edge”
oil on canvas (17 x 21)
by Leigh Slayden




'Roofers', photography by Eric Smith (NFS) ⏤ 'The photo captures hardworking roofers taking a break.'
photography (26 x 20)
by Eric Smith




'Fritillary & Music', preserved butterfly on music score by Deborah Spiller ($75) ⏤ 'Preserved Fritillary butterfly on antique music.'
“Fritillary & Music”
preserved butterfly on music score (10.5 x 8.5)
by Deborah Spiller




'St. George Street', mixed media by Avery St. Jean ($150) ⏤ 'If you are an artist and live in St. Augustine, you must paint St. George Street.'
“St. George Street”
mixed media (9.25 x 11.25)
by Avery St. Jean

$150 – SOLD



'Spiffy Sandhill Swagger', watercolor by Marjorie Starkey ($500) ⏤ 'The landscape is the view from my studio and the Sandhill Crane has captured my heart as a representative of North Florida bird life. I worked from photos of the crane taken through my mother-in-law's kitchen window.'
“Spiffy Sandhill Swagger”
watercolor (36 x 30)
by Marjorie Starkey




'Figure 2020', ink on paper by Elaine Stecker ($250)
“Figure 2020”
ink on paper (13.25 x 19.25)
by Elaine Stecker




'Manhattan Skyline', digitally painted photograph by Dean Stecker ($90)
“Manhattan Skyline”
digitally painted photograph (8 x 10)
by Dean Stecker




'Annie the Giraffe', paper mache by Sherry Stoppelbein ($495) ⏤ 'A whimsical giraffe brought to life using paper!'
“Annie the Giraffe”
paper mache (14 x 4ft x 8in)
by Sherry Stoppelbein




'Basking in the Sunlight', oil on canvas by Lori Sweet ($495) ⏤ 'One of my passions is gardening. This past spring I painted sunflower seeds and watched them prosper into full sunflower blooms. Since I paint plein air, it was inspirational to create this oil painting, 'Basking in the Sunlight'.'
“Basking in the Sunlight”
oil on canvas (32.25 x 39.75)
by Lori Sweet




'The Old Straw Hat', oil by Arlene Tabor (NFS) ⏤ 'Met this man at a store and loved his humble face and hat. Had to paint him!'
“Old Straw Hat”
oil (16 x 20)
by Arlene Tabor




'Sunrise at the Flagler Pier', oil by Donna Tate ($150) ⏤ 'This painting is from a photo I took of a beautiful sunrise at the Flagler Beach Pier in January of 2020. There were several sunrises to choose from during that month. My goal was to try and capture the brilliant colors of that early morning sunrise and how the whole area seemed to be aglow with the blue of the ocean, the orange and red, and yes lavender (purple) of the sun. In real life it was breathtaking.'
“Sunrise at the Flagler Pier”
oil (16 x 12)
by Donna Tate




'Palmettos and Pines', digital photo by C.C. Taylor ($125) ⏤ 'Digital photo enhanced by a photo imaging software filter.'



“Palmettos and Pines”
digital photo (20 x 16)
by C.C. Taylor





'Peace and Serenity', oil by Marilyn Terry ($350)
“Peace and Serenity”
by Marilyn Terry




'Contemplation #3', fused glass by LC Tobey ($410) ⏤ 'This piece is #3 in a series called Contemplation, 'The action of looking thoughtfully at something for a long time.' Each sculpture in the series is designed to allow the viewer 360 degrees of contemplation. Each degree creates a different perspective and movement as your eye follows the lines and colors with the changing light and new perspective. My inspiration for the series is the late sculptor David Hayes and his friend Alexander Calder. The color and line is mesmerizing. To the beholder, it may look quite simple. However, the designs starts with a drawing, then a 3D sculpture is created out of watercolor paper. It is then studied for color, line and balance. Once I am pleased with it, each piece is hand cut out of glass, fused and assembled. David Hayes used steel, nuts and bolts to hold his pieces together. I researched and devised another method for assembly. This method allows minimal distraction to the viewer. You can now understand why it is called 'Contemplation #3.''
“Contemplation #3”
fused glass (6 x 6 x 11)
by Lillian (LC) Tobey




'Galaxy of Circles', fused glass by Tommy Tobey ($425) ⏤ 'This is a piece that was in my mind for several years before it was completed. It was started as an adventure in whimsy and fun but the meaning has evolved. As you move through life, you always come back to who you really are. Life will present turns and options, but as you go around, you always come back to you. I hope that this will represent the paths on life and the fact that we should not take ourselves too serious and then enjoy some whimsy.'
“Galaxy of Circles”
fused glass (18 x 18 x 26)
by Tommy Tobey




'Canal Walk' pastel on monotype by Kathryn Trillas($275) ⏤ 'This work is a pastel over a monotype print. It's a image of the C&O Canal, in Washington DC.'
“Canal Walk”
pastel on monotype (8 x 10)
by Kathryn Trillas




'Tranquility', photography by Terrence Trimble ($240) ⏤ 'This photo was taken at dawn off the Marineland coast. I used a one-second time exposure to create the effect of water movement.'
photography (29 x 23)
by Terrence Trimble




'The Last Run', photography by Daniel Voellinger ($350) ⏤ 'Last day for the Merry-go-Round in St. Augustine. I purposely chose this horse for the photograph since it was one of the older horses, showing much more detail and character than the more modern made horses on the ride.'
“The Last Run”
photography (28 x 21)
by Daniel Voellinger




'Springtime', ceramic by Cindy Ward ($45) ⏤ 'I make functional pottery inspired by nature and the vibrant colors that surround me.'
ceramic (8 x 4)
by Cindy Ward




'Sunset Serenity', oil by Pat Wicklund ($600)'
“Sunset Serenity”
oil (36 x 36)
by Pat Wicklund

$600 – SOLD



'Morning Lights', watercolor by Bonnie Lou Williams ($450) ⏤ 'Our guardian light protects all night, and can finally rest when the sun rises over the horizon with fresh, subtle colors to start the day.'
“Morning Lights”
watercolor (36 x 24)
by Bonnie Lou Williams




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