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22 MARINE ST., ST. AUGUSTINE, FL 32084 | (904) 824-2310
22 MARINE ST., ST. AUGUSTINE, FL 32084 | (904) 824-2310

Online and In-Gallery: April 2 – 30, 2021

Exhibit Coordinator Statement: (Antonio C. Scott)

St. Augustine Art Association (STAAA) and the St. Johns County School District (SJCSD) are proud to once again partner together to sponsor the annual All County Middle School Art Show. STAAA honors us by featuring middle school artists among their many professional exhibitors. We appreciate their continued confidence in our teachers and students to produce work, worthy of community exposure and recognition.

Our show this year contains 115 student works, grades 6-8, representing 12 schools. These works demonstrate growing, creative, and artistic voices built upon the basic art skills students learned at the elementary grade levels. The quality of the work reflects their talents along with the high degree of arts education and artistic guidance they have received since entering kindergarten until now. The SJCSD School Board and leadership recognizes that arts education is an invaluable tool for learning and a pathway to understanding our students. Special thanks to Superintendent Tim Forson and the school board members: Kelly Barrera, Anthony Coleman, Patrick Canan, Bill Mignon, and Beverly Slough, for their continued support.

Kudos to our 17 middle school art teachers, who had the difficult task of selecting seven works from the hundreds produced by their students in what has proven to be an unprecedented school year. Once again Rebecca Williams, has masterfully arranged the diverse body of student artwork to display a provoking and cohesive show. Special thanks to our three judges who donated their time to take on the most difficult task of adjudicating. It is a distinct honor for our students to have their work displayed annually at STAAA and while every student may not receive an award, they are all winners. Every student whose work was selected this year are risk takers who deserve to be acknowledged for their individual efforts!

This show, now in its 11th year, would not be possible without the generous support of STAAA, which provides exhibit space, staff, and so much more. Special thanks to Jennifer Flynn, Administrator of the Art Association; Diane Bradley, President of the Board of Directors; Bailey Poole, Administrative Assistant and the parents and guardians of our student artists. Big thanks to INK for their continued support of our programs! Lastly, thanks go to Scott Accounting Services for sponsoring for lunch for the judges in both our middle and high school art shows this year.

Exhibit Director: (Rebecca Williams)

Rebecca Williams has coordinated and designed the annual county High School Art Exhibit since 2006 and the middle school show since its inception 11 years ago. We remain honored to have her continued contributions and expertise to showcase the talents of both our students and their instructors. She is an accomplished visual artist and retired teacher of art for SJCSD. We couldn’t do this without her!

View the exhibit online or in-gallery (Tuesdays through Fridays, and on Sundays, 1:00-4:00pm).



Artwork and images are subject to copyright. Reproductions for any use are not allowed.

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Judge’s Reflections

Special thanks to the three judges who donated their time and effort to take on the most difficult task of participating in the adjudication of this year’s student works.

“For many of you, this was the first time your artwork was shown outside the classroom and out in the art world.  I know and appreciate that this takes a certain amount of courage, so …Bravo!… to you all.  For me, it was an honor to see such new and creative pieces from young imaginations.  The quality of your work made our work as judges challenging and you should know your pieces were seen, discussed and critiqued with the utmost respect for your creative vision.  Your teachers and administrators have developed an excellent process to showcase your work to the community.  Again, thank you for sharing your artwork.”
Michelle Hedge, St Augustine Studio and Art Gallery Community Artist

“It was gratifying to see the artistic work created in a time of turmoil in our schools.  In no small measure it is the vision and creativity of our teachers who were able to bring out the very best in their students to create this wonderful exhibit and experience. It was an honor to view and judge the work of these future artists. Thank-you for the opportunity.”
Bill Boxer; Board Chairman, Saint Augustine Music Festival; Photographer.

“It was an honor to be invited to judge the artwork created by middle school students this yea. Judging student artwork is never easy and always subjective. The winners displayed creativity, mastery of the elements of art and principles of design and excellence in activating their media. Works that drew me in this year were ones with simple yet dynamic composition, powerful energy and emotional response. Congratulations to the awardees and all students who participated in this year’s art show. Keep your creativity alive, always!”
Kim Kuta Dring, Cummer Museum Director of Education