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Originally from Pennsylvania, Harold Etter was a member of the Saint Augustine Art Association, and one of the Lost Colony artists. He worked in oils and watercolors, most often painting coastal landscapes. Though not well known outside of Saint Augustine, Florida, Etter taught classes in drawing and composition, and lectured on “Planning a Picture” at the Arts Club (now known as the Saint Augustine Art Association).

His Impressionistic style coincided with the new direction taken by the Arts Club in the 1940s. Robert Torchia states in Lost Colony: The Artists of St. Augustine, 1930-1950 that “the modernist faction’s influence [had] declined… as the Arts Club leadership became more conservative and the business community sought to attract more traditional artists to St. Augustine.” The Arts Club members tended to favor Impressionism and Regionalism. They found the landscapes and cityscapes appealed to the tourist market of Saint Augustine.

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