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The artist Raphael Leroy “Tod” Lindenmuth was originally from Allentown, Pennsylvania. He was a student of Ashcan artist Robert Henri at the New York School of Art. Through Henri, Lindenmuth was exposed to urban realism, but his style was influenced by Impressionism and the folk art of Pennsylvania as well.

In Provincetown, Massachusetts, and later in Saint Augustine, Florida, Lindenmuth was a strong promoter of the Modernist movements, often in opposition to the local artist communities. In 1925 he married artist E.B. Warren, and in the 1940s they became residents of Saint Augustine, operating a studio in the Old Fatio House on Aviles Street. Around this time, Lindenmuth moved toward painting landscapes and seascapes with a strong sense of mood. (Torchia, Robert. Lost Colony: The Artists of St. Augustine, 1930-1950, p.83.)

Throughout Lindenmuth’s career, his oil paintings and color woodblock prints were widely exhibited, and his art became nationally recognized. Both Lindenmuth and Warren were active members of the Saint Augustine Art Association and were made honorary lifetime members in recognition of their support spanning forty years.

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