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STAAA’s Parade of Art: Lure of the Sea

Lure of the Sea

Maritime art has been a popular genre for centuries throughout Europe and the New World. Early images of ships and the sea were often a social commentary on exploration, naval power and overseas trade. St. Augustine’s proximity to the ocean has been especially alluring for artists, as is evident in this intimate exhibition of selected maritime works from our Permanent Collection. While these old paintings of boat yards, harbors, fishing fleets, sailing vessels and shorelines evoke a sense of romantic nostalgia, the artistic ideal of man’s connection to the sea has a new relevance in this era of environmental climate change.

Artwork on display in this exhibit

  • Untitled by Walter Cole, ca. 1950
  • Sea Waves by Ted Karam, 1992
  • Rocky Coast by Nunzio Vayana
  • Marooned Boat by Emmett Fritz

See this Exhibit on display Nov. 2 – Dec. 30, 2018 in the Marguerita Phillips Gallery